Wiki Rules

Da Rules

Like most sites there are rules. This site has rules too. Here are some of them.

1. ABSOUTELY NO VANDALISIM. If you vandalise you will get an instant ban.

2. Do NOT make usernames that sound like admins names for example names like Bill99929, Supremememmemessage, DoctorEdward or Clovverbeattmee!!!. That will lead in an investigation on the wiki and most likley it is to impersenate admin and you will get banned once it is proven you are impersenating admin.

3. No trolling. If you troll you will get a warning. A second offence will lead to a 3 day ban, and a third offence will lead into a infidinte ban.

4. Creepypastas are NOT allowed. For creepypastas please post it on our partner Creepypasta Wiki. Failure to do this will result in a 3 day ban.

6. NEVER EVER remove the MARKED category. I once removed the marked category from another wiki and i got a 3 day ban. If you removed the MARKED tag from your pasta you will get a 3 day ban too. No Exceptions.

Chat Rules

This is the chat rules obviously you know what chat is. If you dont know what chat is then you have mental issues :P

1. ABSOULUTELY NO SPAMMING. If you are spamming you will get a strike (see below)

2. ABSOULUTELY NO TROLLING. Same thing. You will get a strike (see below)

3. NO SCREAMERS. An instant kickban will be issued if you put a screamer in.

4. If the video is PG-13 or above (yes porn is allowed) please put NSFW next to the link to show that the video is not safe for work/school. If you dont put NSFW you will get 1 strike (see below)

5. Off Topic IS allowed. But of course copypasta talk is good too :)

Chat three strike system

If you break any chat rules above an admin will PM you with this

If you have one strike: 2 out of 3 strikes

If you have two strikes: 1 out of 3 strikes

When you went over your strikes: You have been kickbanned from this chat for 3 days.

Also, When you go over your chat strikes an offical warning will be issued on your talk page.

The Most important rule of this Wiki