"God, it's HOT!" He takes off his shirt while sighing"SMH White People Interjection"A bad, dumb Copypasta
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Did I marry a gay guy?DiscordDo i care what a bunch of online people think of me?
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Great early bird quip! Read it to your kids! Its fun for all the family!Greg heffley trollpastaGun Copypasta
Hello am 48 year old from somaliaHere are some forms of cyberbullyingHilda
I'm a millenial and I hate my generationI Miss the 80'sI am smawt.
I can't believe you've done thisI can't believe you did this.I don't get this bandwagon.
I grew up watching subbed Yu Gi OhI guess being autistic is considered an insult nowI have the longest sentences
I want to masturbate to all 807 Pokemon.Internet Tough Kebab RemoverIs having a daughter the ultimate cuckoldry
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You Make The StoryYou memers and your references. Oh boy. I remember the old days when memes actually used to require effort.You sack of whale shit
Tails mania🅱EGONE THOT - Shakespeare
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